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Nationalist Congress Party (NCB) leader and minister Nawab Malik asked on Thursday why no action was taken against Fashion TV senior executive Kashiff Khan, who hosted the cruise’s rave party. Malik said he was fired probably because he was a friend of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) area manager Sameer Wankhede. He also asked why the cruise ship was released when he had organized the party without any permission.

Khan is the managing director of Fashion TV India, according to his LinkedIn profile. Hindustan Times could not reach Khan for comment.

“NCB has claimed that a rave party is about to take place at Cordelia Cruise. It was staged by Fashion TV and its Indian leader Kashiff Khan without any permission, so why the cruise was allowed to sail (even after the raid). What is the relationship between the organizer and Sameer Wankhede and why no action has been taken against him? I’m waiting for answers from (Sameer) Wankhede, ”Malik told reporters and questioned Wankhede’s integrity.

Malik also questioned the organizer’s background. “Why were over 1,300 people on the cruise not scanned if there was a rave party and only 13 were targeted?” We think the whole matter is related to the organizer, who is also Wankhede’s friend, ”said Malik.

On Wednesday, Malik alleged that Wankhede left an international drug lord, present at the rave party, off the hook and set up “some individuals” instead.

Malik has brought a series of allegations against Wankhede since Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, was arrested by an NCB team who claimed to have dismantled an alleged drug party on the ship from Cordelia cruise, which was en route to Goa on October 3, off Mumbai. A total of 20 people, including two Nigerian nationals, have so far been arrested in the case. On Thursday, he reiterated that it was a bogus case again, after the Bombay High Court granted bail to Aryan and two other people.

“Aryan Khan and two others were released on bail in the cruise raid case by the Bombay High Court. As recently as yesterday, the other two defendants were released on bail. In such a case, the bail should have been granted by the Esplanade court, but the lawyers representing the NCB have done everything to ensure that the prison term of the accused is extended by putting forward new arguments every day. Finally, they were released on bail. I repeat, this is a false case. They were deliberately framed by (Sameer) Wankhede. The case can be overturned if the accused goes to the High Court with evidence, ”Malik told reporters.

“The officer (Sameer Wankhede) who arrested them has gone to the High Court to argue that the Mumbai police should not be allowed to investigate the complaints against him. Police said if we have to arrest him 72 hours notice will be given in advance. Until yesterday he was asking the Mumbai police not to arrest him and today he went to the High Court. He had asked for the safety of the Mumbai Police and now what has changed in a week is that he has lost confidence in the Mumbai Police. It is a fact that he made counterfeits and that he is therefore afraid of the police, ”he added.

Malik said on Wednesday he had proof that an international drug baron was present at the Cordelia cruise rave party with his girlfriend, but the NCB team, led by Wankhede, chose to leave him to leave, because the drug lord was his “friend”. Malik claimed he had the images and video footage to corroborate this and could share them with the BCN if the agency approached him.

The high-profile case took a further twist when Prabhakar Sail, a witness in the case, alleged on Sunday that Wankhede and other BCN agents had searched ??25 crore of actor Shah Rukh Khan as extortion money to free Aryan. Following Sail’s allegation, a vigilance investigation was ordered into Wankhede’s conduct and Mumbai Police also launched an investigation into the matter.

Malik claimed that the rave party was organized without any authorization, including from the Mumbai police or the state’s interior department. The only authorization they had was that of the Director General (DG), Shipping.

Meanwhile, the OBC cell of the BJP announced that it would organize a commotion at the party office in Nariman Point on Friday under the leadership of OBC morcha leader Narendra Gaokar. Party vice president Chitra Wagh also condemned Malik for revealing personal information about Wankhede’s first wife. “Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray is taking action for the Twitter remarks, but in this case, where a woman is publicly insulted, he has remained silent. It has been seen time and time again in the country, that whenever Congress comes to power, Dalits and the backward classes are targeted, ”she said.

On Thursday, state NCP chief Jayant Patil stood with Malik and said the charges against Kiran Gosavi, who is also one of the witnesses in the Aryan Khan case, and the allegations of extortion by Sail are serious in nature. He also said that the NCB harassed and defamed people and that Malik was trying to prove the misuse of central Maharashtra agencies.

“(Kiran) Gosavi was arrested for cheating. He was also part of the raid and is also accused of extortion up to ??18 crores to ??25 crore in the Aryan Khan case. The accusation was brought by one of his colleagues. Both offenses are of a serious nature. Throughout the case, the political abuse of NCB is also highlighted, as similar things happened with Malik’s relative (son-in-law Sameer Khan who was arrested by NCB for alleged possession of drug). Today everything Nawab Malik says is based on evidence and it shows that all NCB action is to defame and harass people by putting them behind bars. Today it is Shah Rukh Khan’s son and it may have happened with others as well, so it needs a detailed investigation, ”Patil told reporters.

He said the investigation would help bring out the fact that Wankhede used a forged caste certificate to secure government employment as an IRS (Indian Revenue Service) officer.

“The point that Nawab Malik is trying to make here is that central agencies such as the Income Tax (IT), the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) or the BCN are being misused to harass and defame people. people and it needs to be seen objectively and the evidence has come out. So far needs to be probed, ”he said.

He also said they expect the BCN vigilance team that has arrived in Mumbai to investigate the charges against Wankhede will do their best to bring out the facts and not hide them.



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