Some of you may have already felt that your banker did not really understand your expectations, concerns or problems . That he is not listening enough to your case, that you are wasting a lot of time communicating with him for fairly simple things?

But, also, that it seeks mainly to increase its profitability by proposing you a multitude of products without completely advising you . In the long run, and after some bad experiences, do you have some reluctance to engage in a mortgage directly with a financial institution?

There is only one solution left, to call a mortgage broker.

There is only one solution left, to call a mortgage broker.

What is a mortgage broker?

What is a mortgage broker?

In reality, the real estate professional is an intermediary between the bank and yourself. It is important to signify that it will not be him who will deliver you the loan. He will be there as a comparator , but, above all, as an advisor .
He constantly collaborates with about twenty financial institutions where he will find you the best rate, on the best terms. His work is supervised and regulated by the OACIQ (Organization of Self – Regulation of Real Estate Brokerage in Quebec).

Indeed, he is a mortgage specialist who is trying to save you time and money. Its goal is that you can continue to save and spend less on your credit report, and therefore more on your professional and personal life.

He will navigate with you between the contractual and legal subtleties of mortgages.

Beyond finding a low interest rate by putting in competition many offers, he will establish a global strategy. The goal is that you can make your real estate purchase in the best possible conditions.

In addition, he will be there to bring you a variety of tips on how to prepare your credit report.

The benefit of using a mortgage broker

The benefit of using a mortgage broker

Unlike the professional solicitor (dependent on a single financial institution) or the bankers, the mortgage broker processes a limited number of files at a time.

Indeed, its work policy is based on an in-depth analysis of each case in order to provide a concrete and rapid solution.

As a result, he will know your expectations, concerns, history and other administrative, financial or legal problems that you may have.

When should I contact him?

It is useful and recommended to contact a mortgage broker in the case of a real estate purchase or refinancing .

Still not convinced?

It’s a free service ! In fact, the broker is remunerated on commission by the issuer of the loan, by any bank. It is therefore in your interest to build your credit report with him. It will bring you a lot of tailored and informed advice at no extra charge. In addition, the broker is paid only at the closing of the file independently. You are therefore certain that his investment will be complete and fast.

He perfectly masters the mortgage market . By training but also continuing education that is mandatory. The real estate market is an ever-changing environment that the broker masters to perfection. The mortgage broker, therefore, asserts itself as a trusted partner who realizes the importance of the decision of acha t and its hazards.

He has a better knowledge of the market than other professions in the mortgage.

Finally, in addition to the title of comparator and advised, he can suggest effective optimization tips.

Why choose mortgages?

As a newcomer or future entrant, you have thought long and hard about investing in Quebec. This is an important project for you and a long reflection.

Our brokers will provide you with tailored solutions even for complicated cases. Whether it is for the self-employed , newcomers to Quebec who have a working visa, young professionals, but also low-credit loans.

Our brokers, from the French metropolis, fully understand your concerns, your expectations and your desire to invest. But, too, your dismay regarding the standards in force or other clauses. Our brokers have a thorough knowledge of the Quebec and French region .

It will therefore be very difficult for you to call on specialists who are better suited than you to build your file and mortgage application.

In addition, knowing perfectly the real estate market of Montreal and its South Shore, we will be able to advise you at best on the ideal place to invest according to your profile of buyer .

And, we will assist you in the editing of your mortgage file. We will advise you and indicate the possible clauses (penalties, conditions in case of early repayment, etc …). In addition, we will be there until the signing of your contract. Choosing us is the possibility of having access to a complete companion who begins even before you arrive in Canada.

Our brokers will offer you their expertise to consolidate and complete the project.

It will give you the right solutions for the construction of your file. But, also, in relieving your debts or restructuring your credit to reduce interest charges.

Finally, it is important to note that our mortgage brokers have exclusive offers.

Be one of 34% of Canadians in 2018 who were lucky enough to use a mortgage broker.

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