The best community radio stations of 2021



Last year, when contact restrictions demanded that everyone spend more time at home, listeners around the world came together via online radio. This trend continued in 2021: “locked up” from home, a community of music lovers found themselves in chat rooms. Chamber DJs have become cherished artists on the airwaves, and the neon-green-lit HÖR studio has nurtured Berlin’s hottest club and a testing ground for a new generation of producers.

For established online radio stations, it was also a big year: As London heavyweight NTS celebrated its 10th anniversary, it also lost one of its most popular radio hosts with Charlie’s sudden departure. Bones, which now broadcasts independently on

After losing its iconic shipping container studio in eastern Munich, Radio 80,000 moved into a stylish new studio space in the heart of the city. In Athens, Movement Radio – launched last year as part of the “Movement 1920-2020: Beyond and between bordersHosted in February 2020 – added an impressive roster of international residents including Deena Abdelwahed, DJ Plead and KMRU, alongside local artists like Jay Glass Dubs, Noff Weezy and Bonebrokk. Glasgow’s Clyde Built Radio, which launched last year just as the pandemic was forcing residents in Scotland to take shelter in place, has finally opened its emerald green studio in the city’s East End resident DJs, guests and passers-by.

With the opening and return of parts of the club culture as we knew it, the community radio station returned to its roots, providing a physical venue for DJs to try out new IRL sets, and for people to hang out. meet, exchange ideas and share knowledge through panels and workshops. Keeping up to date with the plethora of online community radio stations around the world is an impossible task. This list is a celebration of some of the platforms aiming to positively impact their respective communities through the chosen medium of online radio. Dive below.



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