Did you know that the debt level of Quebecers is particularly high and alarming? In fact, more than 100,000 Quebec households have a financial situation considered to be at risk.

Being close to debt is not a pleasant situation to live in and causes many problems of anxiety, discomfort and anxiety. Getting credit is a simple option, but it contributes to household over- indebtedness .

Before you are overwhelmed by your debts, debt solutions exist and are available to regulate your financial health . Get out of debt today and have peace of mind.

Find your debt situation in time

Before looking for solutions to the debt, it is necessary to know its level of debt to know if you live a problematic situation that requires intervention. For that, some warning signs of the debt can already alert you:

  • You have trouble paying your bills on time and you’re late for the next month
  • You pay a credit card by another credit card
  • Your public services (telephone, electricity, heating, etc.) have already been cut
  • You reduce your expenses of the month to adjust your budget
  • You have already made checks without provisions
  • You often claim money from your family and loved ones to make ends meet
  • A collection agency has already called you

If you have already experienced some of these elements, you are probably in a debt situation. In order to get you out of this situation quickly, take things in hand and find out about debt solutions.

Make ends meet by applying debt solutions

Make ends meet by applying debt solutions


You can not stand living in the anguish of losing your roof, no longer having heating in winter or having to constantly ask for money to cover your expenses? N. Séguin understands the difficulties you experience on a daily basis, that’s why our trustee in bankruptcy accompanies you in the regulation of your finances .

Depending on the realities of your financial situation , we propose three solutions to the indebtedness:

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation

This first debt solution is based on the principle of grouping all your debts into one . Indeed, debt consolidation is suitable for individuals who are able to repay all their debts with interest. If this is not your case, we advise you to opt for the following two debt solutions. Debt consolidation brings you the following benefits:

  • You pay all your debts in a single monthly payment at a favorable interest rate
  • You thus repay all your debts to your creditors

Take note that the amount of your debts is not diminished so far.

The consumer proposal

This second solution to indebtedness reduces your debts thanks to negotiations of N. Séguin with your creditors. Indeed, the consumer proposal is a suitable solution for people who can repay part of their debts.

Nevertheless, two additional criteria are added to take advantage of this solution to the debt: you have difficulty repaying your unsecured debts (credit cards, bank charges, taxes, etc.) and your debt has an amount between 1 000 and $ 250,000. The consumer proposal brings you the following benefits:

  • Your debts can be reduced by up to 80% by negotiating your debts with your creditors
  • You no longer pay interest
  • You pay a single monthly payment , interest-free
  • You avoid personal bankruptcy and you protect your personal property
  • The repayment term can be up to 5 years

If this debt solution does not fit your financial situation, here is one last.

Personal bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy

This last solution to debt is often the most radical, but remains a way to free you from your debts . Personal bankruptcy is about reducing or eliminating your debts by avoiding losing all your assets.

The trustee of bankruptcy, N. Séguin, proposes an agreement of repurchases of assets with your creditors in order to help you to find a normal financial situation. For this, personal bankruptcy offers you the following benefits:

  • You free yourself from many or all of your debts
  • You no longer pay interest
  • You protect your personal belongings
  • You can get peace of mind and start a new financial life

Do not wait any longer to get out of your debts! N. Séguin offers you debt solutions that will give you a better life and free you from your debts. Contact our experts today and enjoy an initial free consultation .


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