Tesla Giga Texas grand opening schedule for early 2022



Tesla Giga Texas production is expected to begin early next year, making 2022 another exciting year for the company. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently confirmed that there will be a big opening party for the Model Y and Cybertruck production plant early next year.

As the construction of Giga Texas draws to a close, it becomes increasingly difficult to see inside the huge Gigafactory and spot any interesting updates on the site. Elon Musk acknowledged the situation and announced that Tesla will be hosting a big Giga Texas opening party with factory tours early next year.

Big openings at Tesla Gigafactory have always been fun events. Tesla has made a point of celebrating every new factory. For Giga Shanghai, Elon Musk flew to China and gave people a taste of his dancing skills at Giga Shanghai’s grand opening night, which also included a proposal.

For Giga Berlin, the party didn’t stop, and neither did the dancing. Tesla has planned a country party / rave party for the Gigafactory Berlin grand opening night. During Giga Fest, Elon Musk had another fun surprise: Giga Bier.

Tesla’s big opening night for Giga Texas will likely be just as fun as the Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin celebrations. In October, Elon Musk seemed to like the idea of ​​a barbecue party in Texas for the Tesla gigafactory in Austin.

the thrill says the Central Texas-style barbecue has become the benchmark for evaluating the best slowly smoked meats. “When people say ‘Texas style’ they mean ‘central Texas style,’ he wrote.

It would be fun if Tesla had a barbecue party that served all styles of barbecue you can in Texas. In some ways, Tesla’s big openings for its Gigafactories have become a way for the company to “meet neighbors”. The Tesla Gigafactory festivities are a way for members of the local community to learn about the electric vehicle maker and celebrate another milestone with the company. And what better way to celebrate with the local community in Austin than with a good old-fashioned Texan barbecue.

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Tesla Giga Texas grand opening schedule for early 2022



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