Praise the good people of Twin Falls for helping strangers in need



Twin Falls has done it again. You have restored faith in humanity and proven once again that there are still good people in the world. This last week of snow and winter has not been easy for many people in the Magic Valley. It was cold, windy and the roads were dangerous. Yet the good people shine brightly on a cold gray day as they help their neighbors and complete strangers in need.

Raves for people who help people

I have seen a number of posts on Facebook from people expressing their sincere gratitude to strangers who saw them in need with stranded cars and came to the rescue.

Friends and strangers gathered to help

Foreigners wanted for their good deed

Kindness shines in South Idaho

Many acts of kindness go unnoticed

I have personally seen a few cases of people helping other people. Near my house, two teenagers had driven their truck on a sidewalk and were stuck in the snow. As I passed them, two other trucks stopped to help them get back on the road. Even though I wasn’t helping these teenagers, I felt good knowing that someone was there with them. These two truck drivers helped these two kids, but they also helped me have a better day.

Conditions similar to Snowpocalypse 2017 at Twin Falls

In 2017 we had similar conditions where we were dumped by snow and the roads were dangerous for most of us. You proved then that there are still good people in the world too. With the possibility of more snow over the next few days, it’s good to know there will be people ready to help those in need.

LaBelle Lake Ice Palace

Frozen Dierkes lake in winter

Twin Falls House for Sale with Indoor Heated Pool

With the winter cold biting my nose, toes, fingers and everything in between, this house for sale with heated indoor pool is just what I need.



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