Matt Nash talks about new album “Half Human” and looks back on the year in music



Matt Nash discusses new album “Half Human” and looks back on the year in music

Talented british dj Matt nash continues to innovate, as has become increasingly evident with the recent release of his incredible debut album “Half-human” below RCRDS STMPD. Having racked up over 90 million streams in his career to date, the now Amsterdam-based producer has beefed up his discography with his irresistible new 12-track. Experimenting with new sounds, melodies and different energies throughout, “Half Human” arrived as a body of work truly representative of itself. The very first album to honor Garrix’s STMPD fingerprint, he is now the figurehead of the Matt Nash catalog.

After around 18 confusing months, his will to develop as an artist remains stronger than ever, establish a solid reputation for its futuristic approach to electronic production. With a relentless determination for more, he’s had an incredibly eventful 2021, as we found out when we sat down with him for an interview in which we discussed the new album, the tour and more …

Hi Matt, thanks for taking the time to speak with us! How are you and how has 2021 treated you so far?

2021 has been the most incredible year so far! Obviously since the blockages eased in some places etc it was great to come back there and start doing what we love again. For me that has translated into some fantastic opportunities, like playing on the Horizon Stage at Creamfields this year, playing some really cool gigs in Liverpool and Amsterdam with Third Party and the guys from Release Records, and of course my own show. ADE just the other month, where so many special guests joined me in Nova for my album launch party!

Congratulations on the recent release of your first album “Half Human”! Tell us a bit about the origin of the idea of ​​producing your very first album?

Thanks, it’s always been something I wanted to do. I really had the time and the creative space during the pandemic to explore sounds that we’re not exclusive to the club or festival, but to really focus on the melodies and just lose myself in the process.

When formulating the album, what were your inspirations to make “Half Human” what we hear?

Well, it’s funny you ask that, because the album is kind of an ode to modern life, with more of us connected via technology than ever before. In a way, we’re all sort of “half-human” now, because we all have that half-technological side in us now too! But I really feel like this body of work is something that represents me in the best possible way.

How was the experience of working alongside STMPD RCRDS and making history with the release of the very first album on the label in 5 years of history?

The guys at STMPD were so awesome and always believed in me and what I was trying to create here. Obviously I’ve had a lot of support so far with singles, and Martijn and the team are all fantastic for allowing me that freedom to create whatever I want and bring my own vision to life.

In finishing the album, did you end up with a favorite track from “Half Human”?

It’s hard to pick a favorite because these are really all of my babies. But if I really had to do it, it would probably be ‘Human’. But honestly, I love all the songs that made the final cut.

Did you learn anything about yourself as a producer in the process of creating the album?

Yes absolutely, I had a lot more freedom in what I could do and I didn’t have to make the songs work in specific ways. It showed me that I am more than capable of making different music and that I shouldn’t always restrict myself. Let the creative moments happen.

When your fans listen to the album, what would you like them to take / feel about it?

My hope when people listen to my music is that they connect to it, that it arouses an emotion, makes them feel something and elevates the mood that they are feeling at that moment.

We were also delighted to see you make an appearance at Creamfields this year. Does it feel good to come back and perform in front of live crowds again?

It’s absolutely amazing, for so long we’ve had to adapt and try to find ways to stay creative with things like live broadcasts etc but you can’t beat this rush to be on them again. festival stages and crowd watching, seeing all the flags, t-shirts and support etc, it’s just an unbeatable feeling!

Beyond the album, what can we expect from Matt Nash in the near future?

Definitely more of a producer, I like life in my studio right now. I’m based in Amsterdam and it’s such a lovely city to find inspiration. So as long as time permits, and when my little dog Gizmo isn’t biting my ankles for attention, I’m always busy getting my head stuck in the production side of things. And certainly many other shows to come too! So a lot more music and a lot more tours!

Having now gone through the emotional roller coaster of releasing your first album, do you think you would like to continue it with another in the future?

Never say never! Preparing this album was an incredible journey, and I loved every second of it, despite all the hard work and long hours. But I always look to the future too, and what can be achieved in the future. Guess that’s what makes us humans… Or should I say, “demi-human”!

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