“Like a rave party for the over 70s”: level 2 offenders “overwhelm” the café



Customers are said to have flouted Covid-19 restrictions at Bakermans in Fendalton, Christchurch on Wednesday morning, the first day of Alert Level 2.

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Customers are said to have flouted Covid-19 restrictions at Bakermans in Fendalton, Christchurch on Wednesday morning, the first day of Alert Level 2.

A shocked customer walked out of a cafe after being disgusted by other punters’ contempt for Level 2 guidelines, describing what she witnessed as a “rave.”

Law professor Annick Masselot said there were certainly more than 50 people inside Bakermans in Christchurch on Wednesday morning, and most were not following the rules.

Masselot said he saw dozens of people wandering the cafe and ordering without a mask at the counter.

“A lot of old people hang out together and move from table to table. It was like a rave party for the over 70s, ”said Masselot.

“I fervently hope that there have been no cases of Covid-19 in the South Island because what I saw today in the cafe really horrified me. Jacinda would cry.

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Bakermans is a family-run cafe-bakery in Fendalton, an affluent suburb of Christchurch.

His staff declined to comment when contacted by Thing.

“I’m not happy to tell you about it. No comment, ”said the official, who declined to give her name.

Hotel businesses outside of Auckland reopened to customers on Wednesday under new Level 2 alert rules – unveiled by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Monday.

Rules are stricter than last year, with requirements for hospitality venues including wearing masks for staff, scanning, social distancing and a maximum of 50 customers inside the premises, seated , to eat and drink.

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Patrons of cafes and restaurants are permitted to remove their masks for eating and drinking, but are encouraged to wear them at all other times.

Hospitality NZ Canterbury chairman Peter Morrison said most customers have so far complied with the rules.

But he said some business owners remain confused about the specifics of Level 2, especially when it comes to the limits of internal and external and external customers, and said a public health order needs to be put in place.

“Now we have to make sure people have signed up as well. We are acting like police, but more and more people are playing by the rules, ”he said.

Police reminded people of the need to obey the rules, saying in a press release on Wednesday: “We are counting on people to do the right thing, for the safety of all of us.

“The police aim to operate pragmatically and with a high trust approach to the new rules.

“Again, most people comply with these restrictions, and the police thank the majority for doing their part. “

At Bohemian Bakery in another part of town, observers reported seeing only one in seven customers scanning, many not wearing a mask, and one customer removing their mask to take their order.

The Tannery, a Woolston shopping center, was quiet when Thing visited on Wednesday morning.

People wore masks in Mitchelli’s cafe and respected social distancing.

Hotel companies said Thing it would be difficult to operate and generate profit under the new level 2 guidelines, which Morrison described as “drastic”

“It’s terrible. We are operating because otherwise we would have had to close, but many will need financial help from the government.”

Some hotel companies believed they could accommodate up to 50 people indoors and up to 100 people outdoors in the same location, Morrison said, but police told them they could not have the extra people in. outside only if they provided a separate toilet.

“There are many interpretations, but nothing is written yet. We are frustrated that we do not have public health order. “



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