June Jones raves about latest addition, Miles Frazier



LSU got a boost to its offensive line when four-star transfer Miles Frazier pledged to the Tigers over Florida State and Ohio. They struggled mightily from the start with constant injuries and overall below-average play from the offensive line. Along with Frazier, the Tigers also added Louisiana No.1 player Will Campbell to their offensive line.

With the addition of Frazier from Florida International through the transfer portal, we spoke with former SMU and Hawaii head coach June Jones. Jones now spends his time teaching the famous “Run and Shoot” offense he made famous when he was on the sidelines at the college level. The 1999 National Coach of the Year has been in football since 1971 with the Oregon Ducks.

“This kid has the hands, the movement and the balance to be a really good passing protector. Her highlife strip is pretty good – like this one for her feet and her balance, ”Jones said. “He can play; if I had him he would be a first-round pick by the time he is drafted! My record of recruiting offensive linemen confirms the validity of what I’m saying for these types of kids. He will have to work harder because there will be more competition at LSU and if he does he will play there and become a top pick.

Is there a player comparison for Frazier?

Michael Chow / The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

“I had to convince the Steelers to take Kelvin Beachum,” June said. “He would be a left tackle starter for years. They finally drafted him in the last round, I think, and he’s been playing left tackle for over 10 years now for a few teams. That kid on his first year highlight tape reminds me of Kelvin… but bigger.

The former NFL and college head coach last coached the Spring League in 2020. He is currently involved with CoachTube, a online coaching course in sport. He offers a training course on his famous “run and shoot offensive”.



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