“I acted as a responsible citizen”



One of nine witnesses in the sensational Mumbai cruise drug case, Manish Bhanushali on Monday again refuted allegations that the Bharatiya Janata Party was linked to the arrest of 20 people, including Aryan Khan, the son of Shah Rukh Khan.

Speaking exclusively to Republic Media Network, Bhanushali claimed that he had in fact been briefed on the rave night on the cruise by a friend and that as a responsible citizen of the country he passed the information on to NCB .

“No BJP link in Mumbai cruise drug trafficking case

“On the 1st (October) a friend of mine told me that there would be a rave party on October 2nd,” Manish Bhanushali said, adding that there was absolutely no connection between the case and the BJP.

The witness said: “Like thousands of others, I am also a simple BJP worker, and there is nothing more. I reported the information as soon as I got it as a citizen. responsible for the country, not as a worker of any party. “

Manish Bhanushali’s statement comes at a time when questions are being raised about the independence of witnesses to the case, after one witness – KP Gosavi’s personal bodyguard Prabhakar Sail claimed to have heard of an 18 crore deal between Gosawi and a Sam D’Souza, linked to the drug trafficking case in Mumbai. Of this, ₹ 8 crore was to be given to Wankhede, Sail alleged.

Subsequently, NCP chief Nawab Malik alleged that the NCB colluded with the BJP in the cruise drug seizure in Mumbai, citing independent witnesses Manish Bhanushali and KP Gosavi’s BJP ties. NCB claimed that the agency did not know Bhanushali and Gosavi until October 2.

Mumbai Anti-Drug Cruise

On October 2, the NCB dismantled a high-profile drug party on the Cordelia cruise ship en route from Mumbai to Goa. According to sources, NCB area manager Sameer Wankhede, along with his team, boarded the cruise ship under the guise of passengers after being briefed on the alleged drug party by the CISF.

In the middle of the sea, the NCB team raided the cruise ship and seized small amounts of cocaine, mephedrone, charas, weed hydroponics, MDMA and 1,33,000 in cash. Eight people, including Aryan Khan (son of Shah Rukh Khan), were arrested, while six others were released by BCN.

To date, 20 people have been arrested by the BCN on the basis of nine independent witnesses, including Manish Bhanushali and KP Gosavi.



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