Governor Edwards announces board and commission appointments



Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced his appointments to several Louisiana boards and commissions.

Louisiana Rehabilitation Board

The Louisiana Rehabilitation Council listens to the concerns of people with disabilities, reviews, analyzes, and evaluates the state’s rehabilitation program, and works with other agencies, organizations, and consumer groups in the state.

Dr. Ashley M. Volion of New Orleans has been appointed to the Louisiana Rehabilitation Council. Dr. Volion is a disability rights policy analyst in Louisiana. It will be used in general.

Louisiana State Arts Council

The Louisiana State Arts Council receives requests for federal matching funds available from the National Endowment for the Arts and other funds made available to the council and makes recommendations thereon. The Council reviews and approves or rejects such grant applications from other government units, community arts councils and other private, not-for-profit and tax-exempt groups. In addition, the Council advises department officials on the design and execution of an annual state plan consistent with departmental goals and policies, in accordance with federal and state laws, rules, and regulations, and submits the plan to the National Endowment for the Arts. .

Nydia G. Freedman of Alexandria has been appointed to the Louisiana State Arts Council. Freedman is a former teacher in the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge. She was appointed by the Central Louisiana Arts Council. She will represent the 5e Congress District and the 6e Artistic planning district.

Supervisory Board of Community and Technical Colleges

The Council of Community and Technical College Supervisors serves as the management board for two-year public institutions in Louisiana. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of the state’s citizens through education programs offered by their colleges.

Cynthia M. Butler-McIntyre of New Orleans has been appointed to the Council of Community and Technical College Supervisors. Butler-McIntyre is an independent field supervisor for iTeach. She will represent the 2sd Congress District.

Advisory Council on the Early Identification of Infants who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

The Advisory Council on the Early Identification of Hearing Impaired Children advises the Office of Public Health on various aspects of the development and implementation of the Early Identification of Hearing Impaired Infants Act, which includes recommendations on risk factors for hearing loss, program standards and quality assurance. , the integration of the program with community resources, the materials to be distributed and the implementation and monitoring of the program.

Theresa V. Nicholls of Metairie has been reappointed to the Advisory Council on the Early Identification of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants. Nicholls is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Special Education Coordinator for the Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy Elementary School Campus. She will perform the duties of speech therapist.

Parish Council of Election Supervisors

The purpose of the board of directors of each parish is to oversee and supervise all elections within the parish in order to ensure the safety and accuracy of the democratic process. The Council of Election Supervisors oversees the preparation and conduct of each parish election. The office of each parish is composed of the registrar of electors of the parish, the clerk of the parish, the chairman of the parish executive committee of each recognized political party and a member appointed by the governor.

Leroy J. Charles of Houma has been appointed to the Parish Council of Election Supervisors. Charles is the former president of Premier Inspection and Consultants LLC. He will act as election supervisor for the parish of Terrebonne.

Louisiana Shrimp Working Group

The Louisiana Shrimp Task Force was created to study and monitor the shrimp industry and make recommendations to the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and other state agencies to maximize the benefits. of this industry for the State of Louisiana and its citizens.

Randy M. Pearce from New Orleans has been appointed to the Louisiana Shrimp Working Group. Pearce is the president of DoRan Seafood. He will be an alternate member and active processor of Louisiana shrimp.



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