Don’t drop the ball on your New Years Eve plans



When large-scale tests and vaccines became available to curb the spread of the coronavirus, hopes for a traditional, or at least safe, holiday season felt possible. Many people have planned to travel, host, or move from one night to the next, only to see those plans crumble faster as Ethereum’s value changes.

The rapid spread of the omicron variant this month has forced many to change their hopes for New Years Eve, separating entire families from each other and even individual family members from each other. Sadly, as a cruel repeat of last year’s holiday season, if you like to mark the end of the calendar year with a bang, the safest bet is probably social distancing.

But there’s no reason it shouldn’t be festive (-ish) yet, right? If you feel up to it, try to muster all the energy you have left and say goodbye this year. Pull out the party outfit you intended to wear before omicron stepped in and relax in the comfort of your living room.

Here are stylish ideas to keep your spirits up if you’re stuck at home – while hopefully feeling healthy!

Dress for a great mood

You can still make a quiet evening indoors special by wearing an extravagant evening dress or fancy costume, even though technically no one will see it in person. Spray on your favorite perfume or cologne to set the mood. Try on your warmest, but sometimes uncomfortable, dress shoes – you won’t have to worry about staying up all night at this party.

Take as many selfies as you need to get the perfect shot, and consider texting it to your mom, dad, grandma, or anyone who fulfills those roles in your life. Unlike your ex, he will appreciate it and be happy to see you beautiful. Take advantage of their affirmations.

If you are at home with other people, encourage them to participate as well. Do it with a 1970s theme or choose a color scheme to work around. Use this time to experiment with a bold hairstyle or makeup trick that interests you (just skip the scissors – you don’t want to wake up with spontaneous bangs in 2022).

Dust off your eyeshadow palette and comb through YouTube for tutorials. Try out the latest viral beauty trends from the comfort of your own home. Social media is full of tutorials on how to get “velvet nails” through the use of flocking powder (which can be found in most craft aisles). Or join the Gen Z trend of “nasal blush,” which is exactly what it sounds like. If it doesn’t look right, no one will ever know.

Take a tour of champagne for one

Be ambitious: Champagne cocktails spice up a New Year’s celebration at home, and as Mark Bittman writes, they are “suitably festive and bittersweet.” If that’s not your speed, grab some bourbon, scotch, or whiskey for a hot toddy, or whip up a pot of fragrant mulled wine that will leave your home smelling of citrus and spice.

And if you don’t drink alcohol, try a great non-alcoholic alternative, like undoped eggnog, apple cider, or chilled sparkling water mixed with your favorite juice or tea.

Whip up an elaborate seafood platter, accompanied by a home delivery of caviar, shrimp and fresh Massachusetts oysters. Or make your own okra, which you’ll find in the NYT Cooking Guide for New Years Eve and New Years Recipes.

Or if you’re picky about dress and can’t be disturbed in the kitchen, treat yourself to take out. Just be sure to order in advance.

Pre-game your entertainment

Instead of spending half the night searching the streaming services for a movie or show to watch, consider these style choices that will transport you to a different world:

– “Phantom Thread” (The score of the film is also a mood!)

– “La Notte” (Live by proxy like chic and angry Italians who party all night long.)

– “Sylvie’s Love” (Romance! Romance! And did we talk about romance?)

– “In the Mood for Love” (A heartfelt love story set in Hong Kong.)

– “House of Gucci” (Lady Gaga and Gucci… associate it with your champagne tower.)

– “Emily in Paris” (Binge all day. At least someone is in Paris having fun.)

Choose a movie to make your annual tradition

Is there a movie that you could watch a million times? Maybe even recite? If you can’t be with your loved ones, face them and watch your favorite movies together. Anything that happens during the holidays, like “When Harry Met Sally” or “Rent”, is doing good things to do.

Meet at a virtual event

In 2020, some of the hottest New Years Eve events have moved on to live broadcasts. Ditto for this year. Last year, global pop groups BTS, Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa performed virtual concerts. Club Quarantine online queer dance party hosted a Zoom rave.

This year, you can attend an assortment of live and virtual hybrid gatherings. A number of in-person events, like the famous Times Square Ball Drop in New York City and the Grand Park Party in Los Angeles, will feature virtual components featuring all the glitz and none of the crowds.

The daring and adventurous can step into a metaverse, like Decentraland, a decentralized virtual reality platform backed by the Ethereum blockchain, or Facebook’s Horizon Worlds, and enjoy a host of VR celebrations:

– TikTok, the trending social media app that dethroned Google as the most visited site this year, will air a high-production special on its app. Musicals Charlie Puth, Rico Nasty and Kali Uchis will perform.

– Cable cutters can broadcast New Years specials on various platforms. Some of the stars include: a special by Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson on Peacock; Countdown by Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen on CNNgo; and “Dick Clark’s New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest” on ABC Live.

– Those looking for a more sophisticated culture can listen to NPR’s one-day orchestral performance, which will be shown from Vienna’s famous Musikverein concert hall.

– For a more upbeat vibe, watch The Speakeasy in San Francisco. It hosts a lush stream filled with cabaret acts, live music and dancing. Tickets cost $ 75.

– Are you looking for a more child-friendly option? The Seattle Aquarium is hosting a daytime event, starting at 11:30 a.m. PT on Friday, that will feature fun zoology lessons and a dance party. There is even a “countdown” at noon.

Give up the plane, go for airplane mode

If it’s safe to do so, consider taking a scenic cabin getaway for a change of scenery with the potential of s’mores. Or take an early morning drive to a nearby beach or park with blankets and a warm mug to enjoy the soothing tides and sunrise.

Can’t escape? Getting away from your personal devices for the night can also seem like an escape.

If all else fails, go for good old-fashioned personal care

Draw a bath, light a candle (currently trending on TikTok), and indulge in a multi-step skin care routine. You can also stock up on CBD infused products like body lotions and face serums. The category was a booming wellness and beauty trend of 2021.

Once you are done with your experiments, make yourself comfortable in bed with a long, impenetrable book that will put you to sleep right away. Because nothing better to face a new year than to wake up well rested.

The most important thing: take it easy on yourself. That’s until 2022!

(This article originally appeared in The New York Times.)



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