David Guetta, MORTEN and Roland Clark explore the depths of Future Rave with new single ‘Alive Again’



Guetta and Danish phenomenon MORTEN are back with an impressive new journey to the future rave paradise. Reworking the recent Jack Back club gem “Alive” with their now illustrious future rave style, this track pushes the new age genre to its nexus, building on the already beloved neon-rave sound with a pumping bass and rocket. cinematic full of suspense. It’s the high-tension festival atmosphere that arrives, scheduled for a release on Tiësto’s own Musical Freedom.

Jack back activated the superstar David Guetta to return to his roots in progressive house, deepening his music with a series of techno and tech house club tracks. November saw Jack back continue its evolution in the underground by associating with Fantasy Inc and Roland clark for ‘Alive again‘, a flamboyant tech house beat that has been expertly garnished with fiery vocals and classic and a hook house that makes the rafters tremble.

Always seeking to build on its success, David Guetta now brings his trusted partner to the studio, DEAD IN, to transform the record into a festival weapon in its own right, further shaping their future its signature rave along the way.

From their 2019 hit ‘See you in paradise‘for the glory of 2020’Dreams‘to this year’s rave anthem’Impossible‘, David Guetta and DEAD IN created one of the defining rave sounds of the modern era. Drawing on a contemporary grand hall, while adding old-fashioned rave chords and flaming vocals, the duo ushered in a new era of lively, warm and overwhelming electronic dance music in every way.

David Guetta & MORTEN are not only pioneers of the future rave, they own it.

Seeing the support Future Rave is receiving really shows that there is a desire for innovation, and it’s amazing to be able to continue this amazing journey with my friend MORTEN. We’ve been doing this for over a year now and I’m really happy to see the movement getting bigger and bigger every day. David Guetta said.

“When we started ‘Future Rave’ we knew it would be an ever-changing sound, which is why we created it in the first place. ” DEAD IN add. “As the sound develops, so does the universe and the culture that goes with it. “Alive Again” is the product of that, it shows that we will continue to push the boundaries and explore all the opportunities that electronic music has to offer.

Alive again‘serves as a fitting follow-up to the single defining the year 2021’Impossible‘, delivering all the elements of a monumental hit: dark and thrilling bass chords, powerful vocals, impeccable but avant-garde production and an element of uncertainty that will keep any crowd on their toes.

It is a wonderful example of how the Jack back personality inspires more David Guetta to explore the depths of his sound on stage. If anything, David Guetta & MORTEN‘s’Alive again‘makes it clear that the future rave is here to stay.

Listen to the track HERE!



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