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The cruise rave night about which Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was arrested and detained by the NCB took a new turn with the Nationalist Congress Party alleging that the NCB allowed foreigners during the raid. In fact, the photo of Aryan Khan which went viral was taken by KP Gosavi, who is himself a fraudster, NCP chief Nawab Malik said on Wednesday.

Here’s what we know about it so far

Which photo did Nawab Malik refer to?

A photo of Aryan Khan went viral on Sunday after he was arrested by the BCN for questioning. He was later arrested and is still being held by the BCN. In this viral photo, Aryan Khan was seen with someone who is not a NCB staff member, the agency said that day.

Who is KP Gosavi?

Reports indicate that KP Gosavi is a private investigator and has been charged with employment fraud. He once ran KPG Dream Solutions and is said to have duped many young people with promises of employment.

NCB refutes Nawab Malik’s accusations in SRK’s son case, says “bias likely”

It is not clear, however, what Gosavi was doing with the BCN at the time of Aryan Khan’s arrest, if the photo was taken at that time. BCN did not say anything earlier about when the photo was taken. The agency just said the man in the photo was not a BCN officer. He neither admitted nor denied whether the photo was taken after Aryan Khan’s arrest for questioning or whether it was an old photo.

Who is Manish Bhanushali?

Nawab Malik also took the name of Manish Bhanushali who was seen with Aryan Khan’s friend, Arbaaz Merchant. Nawab Malik said Manish Bhanushali is an employee of the BJP and, according to his Facebook profile, he holds the post of vice chairman of the party. Malik said Bhanushali also had photos with Prime Minister Modi, JP Nadda and other top BJP leaders.

A report cited Bhanushali as admitting that he is a leader of the BJP and that he was present at the raid because he had the information from the rave party. He also said he helped NCB with information regarding the rave night and that’s why he was there. He also said he was not holding Arbaaz Merchant’s hand as could be seen in one of the photos. He was standing there.

What did NCB say?

The NCB dismissed all the allegations and said the agency had done nothing wrong. The NCP can go to court if it wishes, the agency said. However, he did not say anything about who KP Gosavi and Manish Bhanushali are and how they are associated with the case. In a statement, the agency said on Wednesday: “Some of the allegations made against the organization are unfounded and appear to have been motivated by malice and probable prejudice that may have been fueled in retaliation against earlier legal action by NCB . “



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