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Weddings are coming. Signature cocktails are tested, puns drafted, card stock sent to printers. Couples, making up for lost time, are forecasting the biggest year of marriage since the 1980s, with marriages in the United States up 50% from 2020, according to reports from Bloomberg. The happiest days will come, again and again, throughout the year.

But for many, budgets are tighter than ever. The pandemic persists. And with a heightened sense that life should be lived loudly and with a lot of alcohol, couples reconsider one of the biggest polarizing controversies: is it okay to ban children from marriage?

“You wouldn’t believe the number of people who act like I asked them to throw their children off a bridge or put them up for adoption,” says Samantha, a 28-year-old bride who hosted a childless wedding in October. in South Carolina.

Samantha and his wife don’t have children, and they wanted their wedding to be more like a boisterous party than a toddler’s birthday. Some guests were excited about the idea of ​​a parental leave night, Samantha says. Others resisted. “I can’t find a daycare, I will take my child,” a guest told Samantha. And some people, citing the no-child policy, turned down the invitation altogether.

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There are three types of weddings: weddings for all ages, parties without children, and age-exclusive weddings, in which the only children invited are VIPs, such as family or members of the wedding party. The controversy over childless marriages follows this line: From a certain perspective, a marriage is a celebration of family, community, and continuity. On the other hand, a wedding is an overnight rave that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Younger people, says Meredith Bartel, a Wisconsin-based wedding planner, are increasingly taking the second point of view.

“We don’t rely on our parents to pay for weddings like we did decades ago,” she says. “People make their own choices instead of letting their parents plan their weddings.”

This means different values ​​and different budgets, and each child on the guest list has an impact on that budget. “It’s a chair at a table,” Bartel said. “Now, an adult guest cannot be invited because of this child. ”

In many cultures, children traditionally play an important role in weddings, often at the wedding feast, to symbolize the future generations that the couple will produce. But when these customs emerged, a couple was in no danger of paying £ 75 to have their cousin’s child eat a bite of risotto, then spit it out in their own hair.

“Because we pay a high price per person, I just prefer not to have children,” says Kynedra Ogunnaike, a 46-year-old bride who is planning a February wedding in St. Louis. It was an easy decision for her and her fiance, she said, as they also decided to make the marriage vaccine mandatory, with no exceptions for negative tests (“We played with it, but I don’t think I want to be. responsible for trying to coordinate this 24 hours before my wedding, ”she says.)



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